Strengthening the innovation economy


Join the community, profit from shared success.

AUXCoin is your key to joining a community of innovation, built on the concept of a shared return for all who invest.


AUXChange is the connection between our community of innovation, and the world, enabling holders to trade AUX for national currencies using a secure and compliant exchange.


Don't fund a single start up, invest in a community!

Your investment in AUXShares is not in just one start up, but in a broad community of start ups, each working to realise a unique and innovative vision. By contributing to XYZ's venture capital fund, you are minimising your risk by investing in a wide community of multiple start ups, and their collective overall growth.


An entire community that realises the value in every idea, skill and service.

AUXMarket solves one of the greatest challenges for start ups and those service providers who participate in their success. Providing a marketplace based on peer review, founders can source reliable service providers within our community of innovation, and reimburse them with AUXCoin.

As startups in the fund grow, so do your AUXShares

The unique nature of AUXShares, means you stand to profit from the success of any and every start up supported by the XYZ venture fund, with the added satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the development of a myriad of ideas and innovations, not just one. As each start up begins to grow, your shares also increase in value, enabling you to benefit from the successes of the community as-a-whole.

Sell your shares any time for AUXCoin or fiat on the AUXChange

The benefits of AUXShares don't stop with sharing in collective growth, they extend to a level of liquidity and flexibility in your investment that gives you the freedom to invest further, cash out at any time for standard real world currencies (known as fiat), or trade for AUXCoin on our very own trusted and secure AUXChange.

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