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If you are successful and this referral results in revenue for Kegit you will receive up to 10% commission on the value of the completed deal.

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Dan Farthing

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Kegit has the following referral policies
Name Commission Paid After

  1. We'll let Kegit know that you want to make a referral, Dan will see your details, your contact's name and company (if you provide it), but they will not see your contact's contact details yet.
  2. Dan will then decide to accept or reject your referral, we'll let you know either way.
  3. Once the referral is unlocked Dan will see the referral details and be able to connect with your contact directly.
  4. It's then up to Dan to close the deal. Often the more involved you are, the greater the chance of a successful deal, so it can be in your best interest to facilitate some initial meetings.
  5. Once the deal has been made and is closed, Kegit will then send you your commission payment earned for your referral.

The following is an example breakdown of a $10,000 deal with a 10% commission.
Deal Value $10,000
Commission $1,000
A•U•X Hub Transaction Fees (5%) $50
Payment Received by you $950